DON’T WORRY! We Know Where The Light Switch Is.

DON’T WORRY! We Know Where The Light Switch Is.

“Don’t Worry! “

Beginning our Christian journey mirrors Jesus as He initiated His ministry: We leave the old life behind in Baptism, we are tested and strengthened by our experience in the wilderness, and we believe and repent to proclaim “The Kingdom of God is near.”


  1. Suzy Younkin

    It is good to have this sermon available when I am in the nursery during church. Thank you very much for your hard work and time that you have put into this. It would be helpful if you would give the scripture that goes with your sermon. I hate to get more lost than I already am, but then Jesus came to save the lost. All praise to a wonderful Savior.
    Have a great and blessed day.

    • Edward Onstead

      Thanks for the input. That capability does exist but was not entered for that sermon. When referenced, the scripture link will appear above the sermon window.

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