Sermons from March 2021

“Follow the RIGHT King”

Read/Listen: Mark 11:1-11 Message: “Following the Right King” Summary: People calling themselves leaders tickle our ears with promises of something better. Leaders whom we make ruler over our lives sometimes lead us on the right paths; somethings they lead us into a worse wilderness than where they found us. Jesus, our true King, leads us in all the right places to the Promised Land when we follow, not our demands from Him, but His demands of us to love God…
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“Successful Is the Life Offered!”

Read or Listen: John 12: 20-33 Summary: The easy way is not so easy, nor does it allow us to become all we can be. Jesus demonstrated what life in God entails: people willing to die in this life for the attainment of true success: to be reborn in Christ, to glorify God. In God’s view, this is living a sacrificial life, a successful life: a life offered to God and others.
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“There Is a Love to Free Us . . .

Read: John 3: 14-21 “ . . . from the Dungeons beneath the Castle of Despair” Sinners! We are all lost in the darkness and despair of our lives because we have loved our broken ways. But Jesus came to free us. Jesus offers us freedom through the cross, which elevates us from the gloom of guilt and despair, inviting us into His love and the light of healing grace. Listen to a reading of John 3 14-21
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“Is it Getting HOTTER in Here?!”

Read: Daniel 3:1-30“Is It Getting Hotter in Here?!” While responsibilities are helpful and necessary, too often we allow the demands of life to increase and ultimately, rule our hearts. It is getting hot in the furnace when we let down the false gods which sometimes rule our hearts. But the Living God, the Creator, walks with us when we FULLY trust in God! Listen to a reading of Daniel 3: