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“Successful Is the Life Offered!”

Read or Listen: John 12: 20-33 Summary: The easy way is not so easy, nor does it allow us to become all we can be. Jesus demonstrated what life in God entails: people willing to die in this life for the attainment of true success: to be reborn in Christ, to glorify God. In God’s view, this is living a sacrificial life, a successful life: a life offered to God and others.
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DON’T WORRY! We Know Where The Light Switch Is.

“Don’t Worry! “ Beginning our Christian journey mirrors Jesus as He initiated His ministry: We leave the old life behind in Baptism, we are tested and strengthened by our experience in the wilderness, and we believe and repent to proclaim “The Kingdom of God is near.”
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No More Excuses! We ALL Need Redemption

“Why Not”! Excuses plague our lives as we attempt to maneuver through the demands and responsibilities of life. Unfortunately, the most common excuse we have is to not tend to our spiritual life. Jesus calls us up the mountain to encounter God . . . to be revived and renewed. “Why not?” follow Jesus up the mountain and away from those things which overwhelm us?
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Peace & Presence Dispels Our Fears

Top 5 Scriptures That Banish Fear Jessica Kastner, Contributor When I think about the root cause of so many mistakes and spiritual pitfalls in my life, the source seems to be the one and only, the ugly, fear. Fear will cause us to buckle and settle for less than God’s best. It’ll cause us to disobey after diluting our trust in Him, and even when do stay strong, it’ll rob us of our peace and joy. Here are some of…
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He has RISEN!

THE DEATH & RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST There were many defining moments in the life of Jesus. Two of them were his baptism by John the Baptist, and his crucifixion by the Roman authorities. The canonical gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John) are basically in agreement about the events in Jesus’ life between his baptism and crucifixion. But they differ greatly when describing the events before his baptism and after his death. Details of the death and resurrection of Jesus…
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Maundy Thursday Sermon – 2020

Pastor Richard Helsel’s Maundy Thursday Sermon. The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced “Our Church” to make some rapid adjustments. The new paradigm in which we find ourselves has drastically changed the way we communicate with each other. The traditional sermon must now be delivered using the Internet! The video you are about to watch is our first attempt at posting a service on Social Media. The effort was fraught with challenges and most were successfully conquered. We trust you will keep…