Living a Holy Life

Family Togetherness

“Successful Is the Life Offered!”

Read or Listen: John 12: 20-33 Summary: The easy way is not so easy, nor does it allow us to become all we can be. Jesus demonstrated what life in God entails: people willing to die in this life for the attainment of true success: to be reborn in Christ, to glorify God. In God’s view, this is living a sacrificial life, a successful life: a life offered to God and others.
Follow the Shephard not the Herd

Follow The Shephard

“My sheep hear my voice . . . and they follow me”. John 10::27 John 10:1-5 John 10:24-29 Psalm 23:1-2 1 Peter 2:25 Numbers 27:17 Psalm 95:7 . . . more