Church Mission | History

Church Mission | History

Our Mission

Love GOD | Love our Neighbor | Serve the World

Our mission, here at “Our Church”, is to stress the need of having God in our lives beginning with ourselves, then our neighbors, and ultimately the world. The church’s community events, and Mission activities, reflect the degree to which we dedicate this effort.

Church History

Located at 810 Pleasant Hill Road, Friedens PA, the original church resulted from a split in the Evangelical Association in 1894. The congregation moved to a schoolhouse in 1896, and built a church, at its current location, across the road from an older Evangelical Church that was later torn down. In 1970 it was linked with the Beulah, Husband and Mostoller Churches. The church is now registered, unlinked, with The United Methodist Church’s Western Pennsylvania Conference, Connellsville District. Membership, in 1968, totaled 53. A total of 39 Pastors have served the congregation over this time span, with the latest being Pastor Helsel.

Early Years
. . . the early years

The serving tradition continues” Today our church offers many more services, activities, and facilities with which to address the spiritual and worldly needs of the individual and community.

The Church Today
“Our Church” . . . 2020