Ministries | Missions

Ministries | Missions

We, as a church body, support those Missions/Ministries whose goal it is promote the well -being of the individual and community; those efforts that reinforce the foundation upon which a compassionate, tolerant, understanding and cooperative form of humanity is structured . . . in essence, the pillars of Christianity.


Currently Supported Missions Please bring to our attention other Missions you deem worthy of consideration. Habitat for Humanity Mission Statement: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. A world where everyone has a decent place to live. Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ. “Our church“, once a month, provides a free lunch to the local volunteers and college students assisting in the construction of a residence by the…

Family Ministry

Family Ministry We, at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church, are a family oriented Christian Ministry. Any, and every, Ministerial Program is a Subordinate Ministry. Our faith is reinforced every Sunday morning with Inspirational Worship Services for the family AS A UNIT. Sunday School then focuses on classes, by age group, where attendees are taught the individual responsibilities of living a Christian Life. What is Family Ministry, what does it imply, and how must the Church Family work together for all…

Men’s Ministry

Ministry of Men can be defined as bringing men into meaningful relationship with God and developing them into fully devoted followers of Christ; thereby, making a difference in their lives as well as those under their care and under their influence. The Hubert Group … others activities following soon
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Women’s Ministry

Why Every Church Will Always Need a Women’s Ministry “The Bible certainly teaches that women’s ministry in the local church is needed, and it is here to stay. There are aspects of the feminine life that can only be understood by other women. Women profit from being with other females–they learn from each other and encourage each other.The apostle Paul built on this idea in his instruction to a young pastor, Titus, who was pastoring the church in Crete.Paul delineates…


. . . more to come, follow the church blog for announcements.