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Join a Group

The world is suffering from a tremendous lack of understanding, compassion, and tolerance among its inhabitants!

Anyone watching the world’s events unfold before their eyes realizes our “civilized” world is very much in need of these attributes. We, here at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church, firmly believe that the implementation of a Christian Way of Life, derived through the teachings of Jesus Christ, is THE FOUNDATION upon which an harmonious form of humanity can be structured. We do our best to make this philosophy the central theme of the church’s activities and ministries. Keep this in mind as you browse the list of activities listed below.

join one or more Group(s)
… Contribute your talents to a cause
… satiate your passion for learning
… attend a class
. . . actively GROW your faith!

Then, help us focus on understanding the needs of others, helping our neighbors, and acquiring the knowledge necessary for making informed decisions on how best to serve, and help, the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Currently Available Group Activities

The Hubert Group
Volunteer Community Service Group
“Men challenged by Christ to hunt for and meet the needs of others”

Sunday School Class
The World/The Church … Thought Provoking Discussion
Current topic: “Talking with My Father: Jesus Teaches on Prayer”
Book by Ray Stedman
You’ll explore the question of why and how you should pray, as well as the true nature of prayer.

Bible Study
Pastor Lead Study Group

Christianity Through Its Scriptures
Free Harvard Short Course
Learn about Christianity through a study of its sacred scriptures. We will explore how diverse Christians have interpreted these writings and practiced their teachings over a 2000 year, global history.

Religious Literacy
Free Harvard Short Course
Learn how to better understand the rich and complex ways that religions function in historic and contemporary contexts.

Book Reading | Discussion
Relevant Readings by Well Known Authors
… add your Group to the List.

People react to, and usually interact with, those of like mind! Therefore, the term “closeminded”. For humanity to peacefully exist, in your backyard or elsewhere on Earth, that mindset must change!

. . . just a thought.


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