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The Quilters

An investment of time that cannot be beaten. A gathering of church members, friends, and guests to design and produce a “Quilt” based on an idea or request. The finished product, in most instances, is auctioned or sold directly with proceeds going to the church’s General Fund. Incidentally, and as a side note, each session includes a lunch prepared by a participant on a rotational schedule … spouses invited! Conversation with attendees, and the pastor, are truly interesting, informative, stimulating…
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Women’s Group

Why Every Church Will Always Need a Women’s Ministry “The Bible certainly teaches that women’s ministry in the local church is needed, and it is here to stay. There are aspects of the feminine life that can only be understood by other women. Women profit from being with other females–they learn from each other and encourage each other.The apostle Paul built on this idea in his instruction to a young pastor, Titus, who was pastoring the church in Crete.Paul delineates…
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Mother’s Day Dinner

A Special Day for Mother The Men of the Church, posing as cooks, prepare a feast for the Annual Mother’s Day Dinner. The Community is welcome to join us. It is THE Day where the Ladies can enjoy a meal prepared by someone else. The dinner begins at 5:00 pm. Should you not be a Member of the Church and wish to attend, please contact to make a reservation. There is no charge for the meal. Come, join us…